Emergency Services

BHI assists home owners, residential building managers, and commercial property managers when the unforeseen—and sometimes unthinkable—happens. Whether the culprit is a hurricane, earthquake, fire, or flood, BHI takes control of damage from unexpected situations so that our clients can relax.

BHI’s emergency team assesses each project and situation, develops an appropriate plan of action, communications plan options to clients, and then executes in a timely manner. In cases where a client’s construction team is short-staffed, our team is fluid and can quickly intervene when another architect, engineer, or builder is needed.

Natural Disasters
BHI can quickly assemble the necessary professionals in cases of flash flooding, tornado, hail, or other natural disasters that pose a threat to the usability or safety of a building. BHI utilizes its in-house staff and its relationships with specialty consultants to provide the necessary expertise and labor to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Workforce Shortfalls
BHI is experienced with mitigating construction site issues involving sudden workforce shortages. In the event of a halt in production, BHI uses relationships with trades and contractors to provide a temporary solution.

24 Hour Emergency Services
> Fire & Smoke Damage
> Water Damage
> Structural/Foundation Damage
> Mold Damage & Mold Remediation
> Hurricane Damage
> Inpections
• Maintenance