Green Building

BHI is committed to producing sustainable, green buildings. We work in conjunction with LEED certified contractors and use eco-friendly, green building materials from industry leaders. Our commitment to sustainable green building is included in every project that we undertake. Not only is green building construction good for the environment, its also good for your wallet.

There are many reasons to go green – and these advantages extend far beyond the environmental benefits. Green building practices reduce energy consumption and waste as well as related costs, saving you money now and in the long term. Utilizing eco-friendly sustainable designs and materials will allow you to achieve greater heating and cooling efficiencies from your building or home.

On average, green buildings use 30 percent less energy than conventional buildings and offer lower operation and maintenance costs. These buildings also increase productivity and profitability as they improve the overall air quality and create a better indoor environment in which to work, live, learn or play.

Consult with BHI on how you can in corporate sustanible green practices on your upcoming construction project.